How to download Xcode 3

Looks like there is only information about Xcode 4 on Apple's developer site http://developer.apple.com/xcode/index.php. What's more, Xcode 4 is not free -- you need to sign up for one of the developer programs, or alternatively buy it at the Mac App Store for the outrageous sum of €3.99 (or you local equivalent).

I am cheap bastard. This whole blog is about running OS X cheap after all. Well, actually I would have spent the money, but Apple's credit card verification drives me crazy. Ever tried using a credit card issued in a country different from the store's country? I got an error message saying "this card is not valid in the Netherlands". This is nonsense of course, every other shop happily accepts it. I digress.

So, where do I get Xcode 3 from? Turns out that it's still available from the old developer's site at http://connect.apple.com. Log in with your Apple id, select "Developer Tools".

Xcode 3.2.6.jpg

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  1. Thanks. I have exactly this problem. Working in Cambodia. Phone is Cambodian. Bank is located in US. Now I can get ports and/or fink installed.

  2. Now Xcode 4 is free, and available at https://developer.apple.com/downloads/index.action

  3. You can get login into ADC for free if you need only to download xcode (history versions too).

  4. I registered as Developer but don't see xcode3 at this site. Running Snow Leopard

    1. Disregard! I found it! Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the post - I put a more detailed post explaining what alternative packages to download if they just want 'make' or 'gcc' - http://www.jamesattard.com/2012/05/install-make-or-gcc-on-osx.html

  6. Thank you so much for posting this I thought they removed it and I dont have Lion so I cant use XCode 4. I can now get to building tools to fight procrastination lol or i might just procrasinate that but at least I have the tools to get something done

    Thank you again!!!!

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